What is luckey?

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What is luckey?

 lucky mix

In this article from the site Top bet we want to introduce one of the types of mix that many users have questions about this, This mix is ​​known as lucky (Lucky) or the lucky mix. It is used in many conditions today.

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Introduction to lucky mix

 Lucky mix

lukey mix

is a type of mix that includes all the single modes and mix of games of your choice, the minimum number of games in this type of mix is ​​3 games and a maximum of 8 games.

To complete the lucky mix Understand Explained with an Example

Example: Suppose you have selected 4 games with the following coefficients.
First Choice - Coefficient - 2
Second Choice - Coefficient - 3.5
Third Choice - Coefficient - 4
Fourth choice - Coefficient - 1.5

and the amount with which we bet is 150 thousand Tomans.

Different modes before come with 4 games in lucky mix

4 single forms with each game
6 different mix forms with 2 games
4 different mix forms with 3 games
1 form of mix with 4 games

✔ Your amount of 150,000 Tomans will be placed equally on all modes.

If you select 4 games, 15 different single and mixed modes will be created. 10 thousand Tomans are bet on each.

1- The first case 4 single bets

10 T on the first game Coefficient 2 (return 20 T)
10 T on the second game coefficient 3.5 (return 35 T)
10 T in the third game, coefficient 4 (return 40 T)
10 T in the fourth game, coefficient 1.5 (return 15 T)

2- The second mode, 6 doubles mix, 10 Tomans each mix

The first game + the second game coefficient 7 (return 70 t)
The first game + the third game coefficient 8 (return 80 t)
The first game + the fourth game coefficient 3 (return 30 t)
The second game + game Third coefficient 14 (return 140 t)
Second game + fourth game coefficient 5.25 (return 52.5 t)
Third game + fourth game coefficient 6 (return 60 t)

3- Third mode: 4 mixes of 3, each mix 10 Tomans

First game + second game + third game coefficient 28 (return 280 t)
First game + second game + fourth game coefficient 10.5 (return 105 t)
First game + third game + fourth game multiplier 12 (return 120 t)
second game + third game + fourth game multiplier 21 (return 210)

4- Fourth mode: 1 mix of 4 with the amount of 10 Tomans

The first game + the second game + the third game + the fourth game coefficient 42 (return 420 t)

if the whole game Selected winners As a result all forms win. So in total you have won 1 million 677 thousand tomans.

If only one of your games, for example game 4, wins and the rest loses, only your single form, which was match 4, wins and 14 forms. The other is the loser.

If your 2 games are won, 2 single forms and a mix of 2 are the winners and the rest are the losers.

If 3 games are won, Your 3 single forms and 3 2 mixes are the winners and the rest are the losers.

Important Note:

There is another type of mix called Patent, this type of mix differs from lcuky in that it does not count single games and only considers all mix modes and now the single condition Does not exist.

Final Note:

The coefficients mentioned in the Option were just for example. Mix, lucky and form a system bet and a chain and و and try to close the bet.

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What is luckey?

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